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As a renowned steel trader and production company, quality is of paramount importance to us. Our thorough awareness of quality therefore results in a wide range of certified products for the construction sector in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany.


We have obtained the following certificates

• Trader: Benor 53

• Distributor/braider: Benor 611

• Meshes manufacturer: Benor 217 / KIWA

• Wire manufacturer: Benor 26 / KIWA / DIN 488 / NF

Our own control lab with high-tech test equipment and a critical self-checking system guarantee good quality. In addition, an external inspection body checks the measurement results obtained several times a year and tests them against the samples taken on site.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the steel market, we can present a deep technical knowledge in the purchase and processing of reinforcing steel in order to deliver the best processable quality to our customers..


For more details about our certificates click on the below links:

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