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Dubaere strives for maximum flexibility where product and service are key


DUBAERE GROUP is a fast growing manufacturer and trader of reinforcing steel for the civil and industrial construction industry. Thanks to an ever-increasing horizontal and vertical integration, the company has been able to profile itself as a total supplier of construction steel, for both contractors and factories.

The company consists of two departments in Aalter: Dubaere Wire Industries and Dubaere Steel Solutions.

DUBAERE WIRE INDUSTRIES supplies wire rods, welded mesh and trade articles from stock to factories within short delivery times.

DUBAERE STEEL SOLUTIONS consists of a state-of-art cut and bend factory along with a welded mesh and prefab department in order to offer a total package of reinforcing steel for contractors.

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Dubaere Group is a flexible company, where good and direct communication with its stakeholders is paramount. Our team's sense of responsibility and focus on results guarantee a fast and reliable service of our products.


As a forward-thinking company, Dubaere is committed to a sustainable future for its stakeholders and society, with continuous progress in mind as a priority.n its personnel policy and contribution to the environment. Over the past few years, the company has focused on a pleasantworking atmosphere as well as contributed to a greener environment by installing solar panels and replacing freight transport with boat transport. For more information, please contact

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Voormalig brownfield

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Moderne werkomgeving

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