Dubaere Group is a manufacturer and trader of reinforcing steel for the civil and industrial construction industry. We are a flexible company, where accurate and straightforward communication with our client is key. The motivation and drive of our employees guarantees a fast and reliable service of all kinds of steel products, both standard as well as custom-made products. Our product range includes. cut and bent rebar, welded mesh, prefabricated constructions, rebar wire rods and steel beams and coils.


Our competitive edge exists in our ability to deliver an end-to-end solution. From the design and interpretation of your plan until the delivery of the goods we guarantee an impeccable service and quality. Thanks to our independence from our suppliers we are able to deliver a large product range within short lead times. That way we try to optimize your investment in our services and our steel.


  • 1958-1984: Dubaere Group as part of the family business Dubaere-Vanden Avenne

  • 1984: 3th generation, spin-off of family business into 3 independent businesses

  • 1986: transformation from second hand steel to trade in reinforcing steel

  • 1986: and later: expansion of fabrication of reinforcing steel

  • 1999: expansion of new office in France

  • 2000: start of production of welded mesh

  • 2003: takeover of the business by Marc Dubaere

  • 2010: start of Dubaere wire drawing division

  • 2011: opening of new Dubatex office

  • 2015: opening of new Dubaere Aalter office

 Dubaere Meulebeke
Tieltstraat 176

8760 Meulebeke


 Dubaere Aalter

Durmelaan 24

9880 Aalter





ON 0426.608.473 

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