Dubaere Group has a large inventory of steel beams. The beams are cut to the requested length of the client.

Afterwards all types of modifications and adjustments can be applied (inserting head and foot plates, inserting reinforcing plates, inserting reinforcement, burning flanges, drilling and burning of holes and series of holes, ...).

All this is done based on the construction plans provided by the customer.
The structural works are prepared and followed up by our own study department and carried out in our own workshop.

 Inventory steel beads with primer:

We always have the following beams in stock, blasted and primed. The delivery time is therefore very short!

  • HEA100 to 240 with welding primer

  • HEB100 to 240 with welding primer

  • IPE100 tem 300 with welding primer

We can also offer a complete range of raw beams



Taking care of customization in reinforcing steel has become a tradition for Dubaere Group.

Thanks to the use of simple but efficient software and the use of the most modern machinery we can offer flexible and supreme quality rebar fabrications.

Starting from concrete reinforcing bars on rollers, every conceivable shape can be cut and folded in our bending center, in virtually any imaginable diameter.

Dubaere Group has bracket machines, shears, straightening machines and net welding machines where reinforcing steel is cut and folded from 8 to. 40 mm and nets are produced  from 16 to 16 mm (own production up to 12 x 12 mm).

With an extensive stock and own transportation we are able to respond to the ever shortening delivery times.

For more information please contact our sales department: see contact information



In order to keep the required distance between the bottom and top mesh during pouring of concrete so-called spacers are used. Two different types of spacers can be distinguished:

  • The triangle spacers

  • The zigzag spacers

Inventory of spacers:

In order to guarantee a fast service, we have an extensive inventory of both types of spacers
Our sales people can inform you about this, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Triable spacers

  • Height: from 6 to 40 cm, increasing per 2 cm

  • Length: 2 meters

Zigzag spacers

  • Height: from 6 to 40 cm, rising per 2 cm

  • Length: 2 meters


In order to respond to the increasing demand for speed on site, Dubaere Group offers priority welded prefabricated constructions. For this, the steel is cut and folded in the bending center, after which the constructions are assembled and welded on the basis of the engineering construction plan.

That way no time is lost on the construction site to bind the reinforcing steel.


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