Dubaere offers spot-welded prefab baskets. For this purpose, cut and bended steel from the steel bending division is assembled and welded in accordance with the supplied reinforcement plans.

 Each prefab part is provided with a clear waterproof label. By opting for prefab reinforcement as much as possible, the installation times on site are greatly reduced, which results in significant cost savings. 

Prefab netten


CUT & BEND ⌀8-⌀40


Dubaere has automatic bending machines, cutting lines, straightening machines and net welding machines to cut and bend reinforcing steel from wire rods in almost every conceivable diameter and this within an acceptable period. All pieces are bound together per type and provided with a label.

Our BENOR certificate guarantees our quality.

knip & plooi




Welded mesh can be cut and bend on demand. For this Dubaere uses its own extensive stock of welded mesh.

From flat size nets to curved nets, we make them all to specific customer requirements


• Guard reinforcement for walls

• Corner nets

• Closed baskets

• Prefab edge pins




In Dubaere's own plant, the beams are cut to size, after which further constructions can be carried out according to the customer's plan (welding head and foot plates, welding reinforcement plates, welding reinforcement, burning away flanges, drilling and burning holes and series of holes, ...). ).


Dubaere has a large stock of common steel beams with primer and blasted;